Algonquin Motel

Since 1936
Entrance to the world famous Algonquin park


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The Algonquin Motel

81N Highway 11, Box278, South River, ON, P0A 1X0

Phone: (705) 386-2641

Free: (800) 263-7537

Fax: (705) 386-0554

Email: info@algonquinmotel.ca

Ice Fishing

Most of the folks we see for Ice fishing are pretty hardy characters! we have a few options for you guys. There are lots of huts on Lake Bernard, which is the lake next to Sundridge. You can rent a hut from Bill Eden at Lake Bernard Outfitters, (705) 384-7948. Bill writes a fishing colomn in the local paper, and knows more about local fishing than Yogi (the bear) knows about picnic baskets! Most often caught on Lake Bernard is Lake Trout, Whitefish, Empty Hooks and Ling!

There are also huts available for rent on Eagle Lake from Eagle Lake Country Store (705) 386-0056. Fred Di Somma is your man out there, and he will get you set up. Eagle Lake is about 15 km from the motel, and most often caught out there is perch and some bass.

There are tons of other lakes in the area, which are mostly inaccesible during the summer, so if you have a snowmobile, and you don't mind a little breeze in your face.... you can catch lots of fish! If you don't have a snomobile, then Fred from the Narrows will be happy to rent you one!

I had a wise old outdoorsman once tell me, "Tim, the free meat you get from nature, costs about $200 per pound! And you know, its worth every penny!"

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